Personal Training

Personal coaching concept related words in tag cloud isolated on whiteIndividual clients and groups of up to 6 participants with similar interests can work with an instructor toward numerous fitness related goals and in fitness programs. Clients meet with the instructor for evaluation and assessment. Then a program is designed to fit the needs of the client(s). This program is re-evaluated and adjusted as necessary to keep the clients progressing and on track with their fitness goals. Among the program options are:

General Fitness – This includes learning to exercise properly to achieve improved health and function. Clients who are not accustom to regular activity and exercise would benefit greatly from this type of program. Each individual working to start and maintain an exercise program can have different life experiences and backgrounds. Clients are assisted in finding the types of exercise options that appeal to them. This greatly increases their chance for successfully adopting new lifestyle choices and avoiding the potentially poor outcomes of being unfit.

Life Specific Training – Some of the people, who have achieved general fitness, find that they would like to take their fitness a little bit further. This may be to assist them in returning to a hobby or activity that they had previously enjoyed. An instructor can make this process more effective and less time consuming. The goal activity is assessed. The present status of the client’s ability to safely and properly participate in the activity is assessed. And a program is designed to bring the client to the necessary level of fitness to once again experience the satisfaction of doing something they love.

Strenwoman-training800gth Training – Individuals who have made exercise a part of their lifestyle often desire to take further steps to improve their fitness. Strength training is one of these options. Many clients wish to improve their muscular strength to help them cope with activities they find themselves unable to perform due to lack of muscular conditioning. A well designed and properly progressed program incorporating planned variation and neuromuscular stimulation is needed to improve muscular strength. Many exercisers waste time and money on attempting to do this on their own.

Sport Specific Training – Clients may advance to be able to vigorously take part woman-running-mountain800in activities at an athletic level. At this point clients may want to train with a coach to become more competitive with their peers. Athletic performance is a specialty at Hawaii Fitness Academy LLC. These clients move onto progressively more advanced intensities and types of exercise. Their programs are now designed to continuously improve their performance. The risk of injury when attempting to perform at a competitive level is increased. A well designed program reduces that risk. In the event of an injury, a well-designed program can also facilitate returning to the activity more quickly with better results.

Weight Loss – Weight loss is a very complex component of fitness. Many different physical, emotional, social, and individual elements are at play in a person successfully managing their weight, more specifically, managing their body composition. At Hawaii Fitness Academy we approach weight loss from the perspective of reducing the percentage of a client’s body composition that is comprised of fat tissue and increasing the percentage of their lean tissues. This is not an easy task. The most successful clients seeking to lose weight are those that are successful at adopting a new lifestyle.