Personal Training

Individual clients and groups of up to 6 participants with similar interests can work with an instructor toward numerous fitness related goals and in fitness programs. Clients meet with the instructor for evaluation and assessment. Then a program is designed to fit the needs of the client(s).

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Corrective Exercise

A variety of different factors can lead to muscular imbalances, weaknesses, and improper functions. These issues lead to poor posture, loss of strength, loss of function, and pain or discomfort. Clients wishing to improve any or all of these symptoms need to be evaluated to begin the process of discovering the roots of the issues.

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Parkinson's Fitness

Hawaii Fitness Academy LLC is currently providing exercise classes for People living with Parkinson’s disease. The focus of this class is based on the needs of and current research findings for the Parkinson’s population.

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Martin Petrofes



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Martin Petrofes began working with swimmers, divers, and gymnasts over 35 years ago. Martin is a graduate of Miami University with a Bachelor of Arts and The Ohio State University with Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Martin chose to return to coaching and athletic development after this formal education with focus and devotion. He has worked with children and adults, exercise enthusiasts and elite athletes, older populations and pre/post rehabilitation clients and general fitness/weight loss clients. Martin’s certifications, expertise, and experience include:

  • ACSM certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • ACE certified Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist
  • The BioMechanics Method certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Aquatic Exercise Specialist
  • Athletic Performance Specialist
  • Parkinson’s Network Instructor
  • Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor
  • Hawaii Red Cross certified Life Guard
  • Personal Training/Group Fitness Instructor Continuing Education Provider
  • Former City of Boulder Master Personal Trainer-Instructor and Exercise Specialist
  • Former City of Boulder Recreation Equipment Maintenance Tech
  • Former Apex Center Personal Trainer and Exercise Specialist
  • Currently the Master Trainer/Instructor for Hawaii Fitness Academy LLC

Martin strongly believes that a professional never stops learning and improving. He truly loves helping clients improve their fitness and daily living. To this end Martin spends over 100 hours a year on continuing education. (Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors must generally accumulate 20 to 30 hours of continuing education every two to three years.) And he spends even more time researching client specific information to help him provide the best possible programming for each and every client. For every hour Martin spends with a client, he also spends at least one hour preparing that clients programming. (Initially an hour or more is spent with a client to collect background information and the client’s fitness goals and concerns. Then an additional three to four hours goes into the initial program design. That program is evaluated again after each exercise session and any necessary changes are made to keep the client on track.) Clients direct their program and Martin listens to their feedback to help assure that he understands their wishes.

Hawaii Fitness Academy LLC currently offers clients the following services:
Personal Training and Small Group Training - one on one or up to 6 participants in a group with similar exercise interests for general fitness, life specific training, strength training, sport specific training, and weight loss.
Corrective Exercise – Clients with discomfort and pain are evaluate to determine the possible root cause of their physical issues. These issues often are the result of poor posture and muscular imbalances. A program is designed to address these issues and often other issues that are discovered as progress is made. This type of program can help the avid gardener to the triathlete.
Parkinson’s and Neurological Disorders – Classes and Support for People living with Parkinson’s disease are currently offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:00 am. These classes promote balance, stability, strength and stamina for those adjusting to Parkinson’s.
Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor Courses – These classes are for the purpose of preparing students to successfully take a national certification exam and provide them with practical experience prior to working as fitness professionals. Class size is kept small, no more than six students will be accepted into a class. Private, semi-private, evening and weekend classes are available.
Continuing Education Courses (known as CECs and CEUs in the fitness industry) – Currently Hawaii Fitness Academy LLC provides over a dozen continuing education courses for currently certified Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Instructors. Certified Fitness Professionals must accumulate a minimum number of contact hours in continuing education programs to maintain their certifications. Hawaii’s isolation and distance from larger population centers has resulted in there being few such courses taught on the Big Island. Hawaii Fitness Academy LLC is working to change this situation directly.